Why Social Venture Founders Forum

Everyday, a lot of good people are starting ventures to satisfy themselves and incidentally help the society. There are several others starting ventures only for the goodness of the society. Both have social impact and needed.

As it is evident, starting a venture is easier than running and making it successful. Every time a venture fails, it takes away several good aspects from the society. Jobs, broken hearts & promises for all stakeholders and build yet another barrier for flow of goodness…. and more. Succession, scale and sustainability are other serious issues in social ventures. 

It is also evident that while majority of effort and money should go towards the core-purpose of the venture, building a successful one requires focus on several core organizational elements.In this regard peer-learning and peer-support systems can be very useful to shorten yield cycles.

We are launching a dedicated forum for Social Venture Founders (be it for-profit social enterprise or any non-profit) to help build a community that builds itself above and beyond their own goals/missions and timelines of the founders themselves. 

If you are a social venture founder, or know someone who should be part of it, join/refer here at http://svf.entirelyso.com/register. We are in good company of over 370 social venture founders.

Forum launch is scheduled for 10-Dec-2016. If you wish to join the workshop and also attend insightful sessions on Fund raising for Social Ventures and Marketing for Social Ventures, register at http://dd2016.doattend.com